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each and everyone to love and to give
my life can be better
own a car.. but 1st a lic =_=
able to study well
able to work hard
she will love me not as a friend =x

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2:30:00 PM, Saturday, September 12, 2009

long time never post le =D blog rotting again .. lol
hmm during my time away.. a lot a lot of things had happened. my love story is as complicated as it can be~ ..
my ex audi couple Mrs Snoopy (lisa) had came back looking for me then. i was completely lost then..
i was with someone then.. but i knew i miss her a lot a lot .. even wat she had done to me before.. i wonder why ~
she also did asked me y ?
but my answer is i love her .. even that i never see her once in person before.. i only listen to her voice.. her voice is't sweet a little bit of rough.. everything wasnt perfect.. but i donnoe i just love her .. however.. after 1 month shorty one month .. the story ended between us .. this time round i manage to voice out wat i dont like .. wat i feel .. however she didnt care .. she say she likes me .. but wat she had done for me is nothing ~.~ until then i knew i am wasting my time on her .. and she is just toying me ..
i manage to get over it very fast and no longer keep in contact with her ~ ... i wondering .. wat are girls made of? sugar spices and everything nice? .. or spikes thorns and everything hurts .. hahas
now i learn to wake up and know myself .. no girl not equal to cant live .. got toyed or no one to love ist end of world .. no girlfriend .. but i still have my friends .. girls friends .. buddy and my caring teacher aka boss ..
hohoho happy life for me ^^ and still living fine ~ lastly i really wanna say sorry to my cpl .. because if lisa i left u with hurt in the heart .. really really sorry to you and wish you can find a more wonderful guy then me =)

this is my beloved ah fat XD thanks win ting for this hamster i am going to find him a buddy this sunday >.<
xiao fat

2:56:00 PM, Saturday, August 8, 2009

last night celebrated my 2 buddy de bday lo ~ as usual we cant keep things from them =_=||| every year they are still as clever as always .. kns .. lol and we ate the cake and drink .. surprisingly this year the cake is really in our tummy and not on our face .. hahaha ..
Bday 2009! ck jack and vic!
lol jack is under pressure that the cake will go to his face
hahaha 3 bday boys and jack is still under pressure
still not willing to take it off =_=lll
cutting of cake
or bdayboy ck having his cake

12:00:00 AM, Friday, July 31, 2009

wahahaha Didnt expect this ba chia seng and wei liang .. my plans for u 2 .. actually is more for chia seng ba .. cause our VIP is i invite for him de .. wahaha happy bday to our 2 bday boy CHIA SENG AND WEI LIANG !
and chis seng this is my big present for u .. big enought ba XDDD
and this is the whole group de photo XD
and the rest of the funny photos XD i pity wei liang in this one XDDD
our 2 pervertic monster of our class XD
of course me and chia seng XD wei liang too busy to take with me le >< busy being bully at the other side XDD wahaha
the rest at facebook ><

7:58:00 PM, Thursday, July 23, 2009

i wondering this few days what is happening around me.. everyone i use to be close with is treating me like cold ice. wat happen .. am i really so hated by people?. single wrong attached also wrong. i sometimes wish i was a mute. i can just keep silence and quiet ..
today seeing u being bully. i know u will say is just playing around . but for me is over the limit. u are a gal . such joke isnt pleasant. but i can only keep quiet in one corner and try to stop think of u. i told myself to hate u. hate the things u had done. disrespecting me so on, treating me like a piece of plane tissue. wipe and throw. but today i just cant do it.. i know u will hate it if i make any movement. u also dislike the things i do to u. u think that its too sticking to u. the only thing for me is to keep quiet and cry in my heart. i hate this world i am in . it seems that watever i do is wrong. but even if i didnt do anything, i am in the wrong . i am always wrong. wat purpose am i to live in this world?
i wonder myself.

1:49:00 AM, Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday we did our communication skill oral presentation, wa seh it was like so tense up doing that, cause we are all gan jiong ba .. lol .. afraid that we might not do well and ended up getting bad results .. when i watch the 1st 3 person present i was like.. dam this time round i am going to die .. cause they really did very well .. actually all of us did well but ofcourse there are few wonderful one.. such as wei liang .. jun de .. wei yee .. and of course that derrick compare from the first presentation .. he improved alot alot !! .. makeing me feel stress !! hahas .. in the end we all took photos tgt as a class wearing formal !

9:48:00 PM, Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally this had come to a end for me.. her last words for me is i now have no feelings for you .. i doesnt know whether to laugh or to cry . each and every relationship for me is a failure. this represents one thing .. i am not a good guy. i guess .. however this time round i will just lie down and rest. i am tired.. i am really tired .. i will not like another girl. i tell myself i will just wait for them to come to me .. cause i am tired of chasing .. but i will only laugh at myself.. who will wan me this freak .. hahaha .. ha .... ha ............. ha ......... this is the end for me.

8:51:00 PM, Sunday, July 12, 2009

last week kinda busy with common test so didnt upload my blog .. rot le few days .. hmm and of course alot of things happened ~ i rmb my last common test paper EPC ( engineering physic ) falls on last friday .. which also made a lot of people jiao jiu ming ! is really difficult sia the stupid paper .. lol ... i keep think of the questions how to do how to do.. then ended up left with only half an hour to spare and i ONLY MANAGE TO DO UP TO QNS 12 !! total there is 30 qns .. kns ... i give up and started drawing and anyhow write the rest of the answers .. zzzz if i can manage to just pass .. i really must thank god liao .. lol ..
haix .. sat is another dead day for me whole day at home .. rot rot rot ... sian .. cant go out .. but last night kinda fun ba .. able to play audi with my good friends.. and there is really 1 of a kind idiot people inside .. keep talk non-stop.. is like he never talk for few years and one time see us shoot all out ... zzzz btw is ying's audi friend ... @_@ if not i sure si liang pattern come out shoot him liao =x
loll ok now about today .. haix ... i went out with 2 friend to do planning for someone's impt day at parkway ... the food court there was like .. more like a restaurant ... u must be thinking very nice place .. very comfortable ... WRONG! .. there de food price is like those in a 5 star hotel restaurant ! they have lunch there and the price was like $_$ i buy myself a cup of milk tea.. and its like dam small but dam ex .. gold water ... zzz
then today again someone made me worried about her.. but i myself think of it .. does it worth anything that i am worried about her .. she whole day without news on sat .. ok .. and this afternoon i kinda think of her so i msg her ... and she didnt reply... i called her and call and call and she didnt answer.. then suddenly hang my fone .. wat will u think of that?
then instead she reply me she busy and ask me call her for ? ok i say nothing .. just to check on her .. but ended up kena lecture .. say dont treat her like kid ... she knows how to take good care of herself .. i was like ... zzzz
that really make my day ... i donnoe should i care for her or should i just mind my own ... haix ...

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